Probiotics are not just probiotics!

Not all Probiotics are the same! 

An analogy to start off this topic is that the majority of us own a car or at least know about cars. If we were asked to drive in a race for the chance to win a million dollars  would you choose a Ferrari or a Toyota Prius? Granted they are both cars but one performs a lot better in a race than the other. The same goes for probiotics. There are many different supplements and natural food sources like yoghurts that contain probiotics and we all know a good diet is very important. However the question has to be asked from a probiotic supplement point of view is are you getting the right strains of probiotics and in the right numbers to win the race?

ProGood comes from 8 years research, selecting the best probiotics that were best at suppressing pathogens. During this research at the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Food Industry Innovation involving researchers from The University of NSW & CSIRO, there were found to be some strains of probiotics that had both positive and negative effects on pathogen growth (bad bugs).  For example, during one particular test, 50 strains of probiotics were isolated and used to see how well each  strain of probiotics would suppress the growth of a very bad E-Coli. The results showed that some strains of probiotics actually increased the growth of the E-Coli, which is not a good thing at all! On the other hand some of the better performing probiotics suppressed the E-Coli and some better than others. 

This is why if we need to restore our digestive balance we need to be taking the right probiotics in the right numbers. 


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