5 + 1 Free Pack (Family Jar Pack - Australia Only) – ProGood
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5 + 1 Free Pack (Family Jar Pack - Australia Only)

5 + 1 Free Pack (Family Jar Pack - Australia Only)


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The 5 Plus 1 Free Family Pack can be bulk bought for personal use or to top up the family, buy 5 and get 1 jar free. This pack contains 5 x 70 gram jars of ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics.


A jar of ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics contains 70g of powdered drink mix. One 5 gram teaspoon a day will provide 14 days supply. Store in your refrigerator (below 8C).

ProGood is not a drug or prescribed medicine. 

Health Note: 
ProGood cultures contain minute traces of milk proteins, refecting the 
medium in which they are grown (as do most probiotics on the market 
today). The levels are insignifcant to all (including those with 
lactose/casein intolerance) but a small minority of highly sensitive 
individuals who have an anaphylactic for dairy or pine trees.

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