People Donating Poop For Money!?

Imagine donating your poo for money and at the same time saving lives! That is what some people actually do!

Eric is one such guy and, as one of 22 registered poo donors, he earns $40US ($56AUS) for each sample. He’s already earned around $1,000 ($1400AUS), simply for sitting on the toilet and doing his business. (check out the video below)

We also have this procedure in Australia. Our good friends at the Centre of Digestive Diseases ( in Five Dock, Sydney Australia, also carry out fecal transplants lead by Prof. Thomas Borody who also recommends the ProGood formula to his patients.

Its amazing to see the break through's in digestive health and who would have thought that only a few decades ago that one persons waste is another persons chance of improved health! 


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