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What are Probiotics and why do we need them?


Grant Goldman from 2SM Super Network has a chat with one of Australia's leading Microbiologist John Ellerman on the topic of probiotics, prebiotics and how they benefit us. John Ellerman is a science graduate (Microbiology and Biochemistry) from the University of Sydney and a Member of the Australian Society for Microbiology. He studied Dairy Technology at what is now the University of Western Sydney and worked as a dairy research microbiologist for the NSW Dept. of Agriculture. He worked as the microbiologist for Dairy Farmers Cooperative Ltd for seven years before joining what became part of Burns Philp & Co....

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This Weekend in Sydney at Fox Studios - 3rd & 4th of May 2015


  Is your business in health? This weekend in Sydney at Fox Studios is the Naturally Good Expo. The focus is on bringing together business owners who have a focus on natural and organic products. You can register online at If you decide to attend, come say hello to us at the ProGood Probiotics stand! Naturally Good Expo "Naturally Good Expo is an innovative new marketplace that celebrates, supports and fuels the growth of the natural, organic and healthy products business. It has been specifically created to give you pure and undiluted access to all the new and exciting opportunities represented in...

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95 Year Old Sets 200m World Record!

95yearsold charleseugster worldrecord

At 95 years old, Charles Eugster recently set the 200m World Record in his age group by running a 55.48. Watching Charles run this race is a true inspiration and just goes to show what we can achieve by working hard and looking after ourselves. Amazing effort! Charles knocked a massive 2.4" off the previous record, set by American Orville Rogers in March 2013. This record will be hard to break! Well done Charles!

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The brain in your gut - Heribert Watzke


Food scientist Heribert Watzke gives us some insight into our "gut brain" on TED. It gives us a look into the communication and mechanics between our main brain and our gut brain.    It is amazing with more research going into the digestive system how much of a role it plays on our health. How it communicates with our main brain, bacteria, diet, probiotics, antibiotics and how this complex environment is influenced and influences us more than we have ever thought in the past.

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Super Synbiotics: The Revolution in Probiotics

By John Ellerman BSc, MASM, Consultant Microbiologist for ProGood Pty Ltd   The bacteria that live within our gastrointestinal tract have dramatic impacts on health. They make up 90% of the cells in our body (yes, we are only 10% human by cell count) and contain 99% of our genes! They help us digest our food and manufacture a range of compounds that can be either beneficial or bad for us. They also communicate with our immune system in ways that can be either good or bad, depending on the type of bacteria present.The overuse of antibiotics has led not...

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