Probiotics And The Importance of Our Digestive Microbiome

Here is a simple and short video from The Canadian Digestive Foundation explaining the importance of keeping a balanced digestive system. An extremely complex environment with trillions of bacteria all playing various roles. With more research that goes into looking at the gut, diet, probiotics, prebiotics and their effects on digestion, its amazing how much is being discovered about digestion and its importance in our health.

 Based on recent studies and laboratory experiments, the human microbiome influences much of our bodily functions, from digestion to reaction to illnesses. However, scientists have only scratched the surface in uncovering their wide-ranging roles in our body, although it can’t be denied that they’re our unsung superheroes. In this video, the Canadian Digestive Foundation gives us 5 points to remember our good bacteria:

 1. Our body houses more than 100 trillion bacteria (most of which live in the gut) that aids different bodily functions such as digestion and natural healing.

     2. The human microbiome also plays a vital role on our energy level and mood. This ecosystem of bacteria also helps us adapt to our surroundings.

     3. Bacteria get passed on to babies at birth. When the child reaches 2-3 years old, the human microbiome also matures and achieves a natural, balance state.

     4. Diversity is the key to make the microbiome fully functional. This means it’s best to eat a variety of healthy foods to feed different types of good bacteria in our body.

        5. Having a balanced bacterial ecosystem in the body means we’re healthy, strong and resilient against illnesses.

         Keeping these points in mind can motivate us to eat wisely, especially taking in the required dose of Probiotics daily, to maintain the population of good bacteria in our system. These will also help us appreciate the role of the tiny yet powerful bacteria in our body.

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