A must watch! ABC Catalyst - Gut Reaction Part 1

A must watch for anyone interested in their health, general well-being, diets and probiotics! ABC Catalyst takes a look into the importance of our gut bacteria and how much of a role it plays on our general health!

Part 2 is also in our blog site for you to check out and takes a closer look at probiotics! 

Food. It's not only an essential part of daily life, but is also a fascinating subject for medical experiments and researches. That's because it's the catalyst for the growth of different types of microbial communities in the stomach.

As a way of sharing the latest lab discoveries on gut bacteria’s influence on health, this video points out the following notable ideas:

  • Foods don't just make us full. Specific types of staples support a specific strain of bacterial community. So let's beware! Our current diet may be feeding bad gut bacteria and is making us ill and susceptible to diseases (e.g. diabetes, autism, arthritis, asthma, allergies and multiple sclerosis).
  • Eating right and exercising are the keys to stay fit and prevent the onset of diseases. Adding in Probiotic supplements in our diet can also help nurture good gut bugs.
  • At birth, the baby acquires gut bacteria through different ways: 1) strains found it the mother's vaginal community accumulated during delivery, 2) feces and 3) milk. Tots delivered normally are readily implanted with natural microbiomes, the strains usually found in the intestines. Whereas, those delivered via Caesarian operation have bacterial species usually found on our skin. They’re also more prone to asthma and allergies, according to existing medical literature.
  • Much can be learned from the eating habits of the Hadza people in Africa, especially with their long-standing preference for fiber-rich, fresh, whole foods (e.g., fruits, newly hunted meat, veggies), which they've learned from their ancestors.

These discoveries should serve as reminders that we should be wary of what we eat for us not to end up feeding the wrong gut bugs.

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