Part 2 - Catalyst - Gut Reaction on ABC

Here is Part 2 of Catalyst - Gut Reaction on ABC. Part 2 looks more into what can be done or changed to look after our digestive system and also takes a look at the role of probiotics!

What have you eaten lately? Do you know that how and what you eat triggers the growth of specific species of bacteria in your gut? In this video featuring lab and dietary experiments on gut bacteria, you'll discover...

  • ... the significant role of food on medicine and nutrition.
  • ... the growth of microbial strains in our gut depends on what and how we eat.
  • ... that good gut bacteria has the potential to help cure a range of diseases (e.g., emphysema, multiple sclerosis, diabetes).
  • ... that, surprisingly, not all thin and toned people are healthy from the inside, especially those who're consistently eating preservative-rich, fast foods.
  • ... the importance of eating (and loving) fruits, veggies and other high-fiber, whole foods on overall wellness.
  • ... and finally, that it’s practical to supplement your diet with the right probiotics to get excellent, long-lasting results.

There's really no need for costly maintenance meds and supplements. Just eat right and "Let food be thy medicine" to nurture good gut flora and stay healthy inside and out.

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